Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank

System requirements Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 2 GHz (Dual Core)
Video Card: GeForce 610 1GB RAM or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 8 GB
Sound Card: Any
Optional: Mouse required.


Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank

Chook and Sosig: Walk the Plank is a game for those who love adventure. Everything is simple here, controlling your unusual character, you can search for pirate treasures. At first, the situation in the game seems gloomy, like a dungeon, but then bright colors appear. The style of the heroes immediately catches your eye, they are clearly created with a claim to originality.

More about the game

In the game Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank, your characters will be anthropomorphic animals with a colorful appearance. A thin one-eyed cat and a ghostly chicken will introduce you to the whole company: a fox, a bat with a piercing, a creature with antlers and others. There is even a spiritualistic goat where such a wonderful zoo can be found. Here, gamers will find many comic situations, humor and positive. Each player can develop his ending of everything that happens. According to one version, you can even overthrow the sea king.

Game features

The musical accompaniment in the game is also special, written from scratch. When your eyes are tired of zombies, monsters, shootings and action movies, this content will help you relax, rest and have fun. But do not forget that your main task is to find treasures! Hurry until the pirates themselves come for them! Download this exciting game from our website quickly and for free and get a lot of pleasure from the gameplay. We are waiting for you to enjoy the game.

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