Children of Morta

System requirements Children of Morta:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.8 GHz Dual Core
Video card: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon R7 370 (2 GB)
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2 GB


Children of Morta

In this game world, you will represent the Bergson family, who have been watching Mount Morta for centuries. You can also practice not only sitting still, you will have to protect the mountain and the surrounding area from all sorts of dangers. However, now a very severe test awaits you: a very powerful curse was sent to the mountain, because of which the mountain turned into the refuge of all evil spirits. On our site you can download Children of Cake absolutely free.

More about the game

The family you represent is very friendly. You will learn how to be a member of such a dangerous family. Travel with them, experience all the ups and downs. Loyalty to each other for this family, such words are not an empty phrase. And no one can break a strong family bond. You have to fight with many dangerous monsters, explore the underground tunnels under the mountain. Each cave will have its mission. Which cave you get into is calculated randomly. You do not need a cozy house, you want adrenaline and dangers that will definitely entail adventures. Defeat all opponents and learn all about the curse. You can download the Children of Cake torrent using our website.

Family bonds

In the presented game called Children of Morta, you can download the torrent on our game portal, the story of the Bergson family and its features is told. Skills were tempered for a very long time and passed down from generation to generation. Each family member has combat characteristics, each has his own style and character. You have to open everyone, observing their interaction and attempts to restore peace and peaceful existence for all who live here. Blood ties are often the strongest.

Inherited Talents

The whole family is very special. Here, whoever you can’t take, everyone has a set of special skills that are unique to this character, and everyone has their own story behind them. But together Bergson look very powerful. One prefers melee tactics, can defeat an opponent with swords, daggers and even using a hammer. Another likes to use a bow more, has a well-aimed eye and can hit an enemy from any distance. The third uses magic and spells to destroy enemies. And so on on the list. You can choose any of them for the game.

Wisdom of the ancestors

The heads of the family are Margaret’s grandmother and Uncle Ben. They own the full story of the Bergson family and are its custodians, and are also very wise and know a lot. In workshops, you can create new items or potions. You will look for ingredients for them during your trips. For workshops, an upgrade option is available that will expand access to new items and powerful spells. So, if you want to download the torrent of Children of Morta, then go ahead, go to our website and get a very interesting and exciting game for yourself.

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