Chicory A Colorful Tale

System requirements Chicory A Colorful Tale

OS: win 7+
Processor: Toaster or better
Video Card: Pretty good
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 512 MB



Chicory A Colorful Tale

Visualization games are always more interesting and original than other interactive projects. This time, in the game Chicory A Colorful Tale, you had the opportunity to become an artist whose mission is to save this world. It so happened that the whole environment began to lose its beauty, which provided a stable and prosperous life for all people. But darkness descended on Earth and all the colors disappeared. To ensure that the world is not completely discolored and does not fade before your eyes, you will need to demonstrate fairly good dexterity and do everything possible to improve the situation. This can be done with a huge brush and bright colors that will help you get everything back on track. But you must understand how the process of coloring occurs, because you need to do this without taking your brush off the canvas.

More about the game

Interested in this game? Then follow the link to our website, where you can download the Chicory A Colorful Tale torrent for free. After installation and launch, an amazing adventure awaits you, in which you must do everything to achieve the desired result. Carefully study the whole area, try to choose the appropriate shades and step by step approach the cherished goal.

A new step in your prosperity

At the beginning of Chicory A Colorful Tale, everything will be as easy and simple as possible, but the further you advance in the game, you will notice how unusual the locations become. They will have a completely unique visualization and you will have to think carefully before you start staining. Sometimes only coloring will help you pass a certain level, because it can change the location of the object and its size.

Creative freedom

The basis for your creative journey will be the opportunity to use your imagination in full. In order to overcome the darkness, you will have to not only follow the game instructions, but also act independently, make the necessary decisions on an intuitive level. Only in this way you can get a favorable result in the game.

However, before you begin the action, you need to download the Chicory A Colorful Tale torrent from our games portal. Remember that darkness is a difficult opponent, it is very insidious. Sometimes some locations will completely intend to change the color, thereby preventing you from carrying out all the necessary manipulations. It is at such moments that you must show your ingenuity and try to deceive the darkness.

Now you need to concentrate as much as possible and begin your first steps in achieving such a noble mission. You will enjoy the gameplay, and you can also realize your creative abilities. Games of this kind have always been in great demand, because this is how you can show your personality.

Game features

non-standard game mechanics;
nice game character;
many puzzles of varying difficulty;
the opportunity to realize your creative potential;
unexpected ending of the game.

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