Chessmaster 9000

System requirements Chessmaster 9000:

OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium II 450 / AMD K6-3 500
RAM: 128 MB
Video Card: 3D
Hard disk space: 300 MB



Chessmaster 9000

If you are a real fan of chess games, then the Chessmaster 9000 project is exactly what you were looking for. It is worth noting that the functionality of this entertainment is designed at the highest level. Thanks to advanced settings, each player has the opportunity to create a virtual reality in which both battles and training will take place. Also, with the help of the functional, you can change the design, the number of players, and edit the opponent’s strength.

The most excellent innovation in the game Chessmaster 9000 was not the graphics, and not even the fact that the game is available on operating systems older than Windows 98, but the fact that there is a network game mode here. Thanks to the local connection, you have the opportunity to test your strength in a chess game not with a computer, but with real gamers. Remember that before each game you need to prepare a tactical victory plan. The project was created by a talented studio Ubisoft Entertainman. This game is famous for its great content.

Now it has a customizable engine that can be customized to your taste. Moreover, he can imitate the style of different chess players, ranging from beginner level to Kasparov. If you want to try, but you doubt your strength, then a lesson was developed especially for you, which describes in detail all the rules of a chess game. During the game, various facts from history, and world famous phrases of famous chess players will emerge. Cool? Yes? Download Chessmaster 9000 game from our website using torrent right now, quickly and for free.

Download this game you can enjoy an exciting game of chess and have a good time. On this page you can download game Chessmaster 9000 torrent for free on PC.



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