Chaos Control 1.9.1

System requirements Chaos Control 1.9.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Chaos Control 1.9.1

Chaos Control 1.9.1 is a powerful organizer that allows you to fix long-term and medium-term goals, as well as make to-do lists for the day. Not a single biography of an outstanding businessman, politician or artist has ever written that he achieved success through the use of a diary, calendar, time management techniques or a list of tasks for the day. If there is one thing about successful people who manage their time effectively, it is the ability to clearly define their goals.

More about the program

Chaos Control 1.9.1 is designed to help you define and capture your goals and desired results in various areas of activity, as well as the steps required to achieve them. Based on the GTD method, this app is a great planning tool for busy people.

Whether you’re running a business, launching a new service, making a mobile app, or just planning a vacation trip, Chaos Control 1.9.1 helps you set goals, organize your priorities, and manage to-do lists.

How it works?

1) Create projects

A project is a goal and a list of tasks attached to it, the implementation of which leads to the achievement of the desired result. Create an unlimited number of projects, thereby fixing your goals in various activities

2) Create a structure for your affairs

Organize projects in Chaos Control 1.9.1 into categories using folders. For example, you can separate work and personal affairs using the folders “Work” and “Personal”, and inside them, separate projects by specific activities

3) use flexible scheduling

Combine tasks from different projects using contextual lists. If you are familiar with GTD methodology, then you will love this feature. If not familiar, then it works like tags

4) plan your day

Assign due dates to tasks and schedule a schedule for any day

5) Write down ideas and incoming tasks

Especially for chaotically incoming tasks, notes and ideas, we have created a section “Place of Chaos”. Save everything that you need to quickly write down in it, and deal with it somehow later

6) Synchronize data

Synchronize your data in Chaos Control 1.9.1 between all your devices – from PC and smartphone to smart watch

Chaos Control 1.9.1 will help you with the following tasks:

management of personal goals

task management

planning personal and work activities

creating an effective daily routine

creating and processing simple lists such as shopping lists, checklists and travel essentials

quick recording of thoughts and ideas for the purpose of their subsequent processing

Key features

Data sync with unlimited devices on all major and mobile platforms

Projects and Contexts based on GTD methodology and enhanced by the ability to group by folders

Place of Chaos in Chaos Control 1.9.1 is a special section of the application where you can place any unsorted tasks and notes in order to process them later

Recurring tasks to manage activities that take place regularly

Notes for tasks, projects, folders and contexts

Search quickly among tasks, goals and contexts

Cloud storage

Chaos Control 1.9.1 was created with the aim of improving the efficiency of managing lists of your goals, projects and tasks. Whether you are starting a new business or just creating a shopping list, you will be surprised how easy it is to plan out any of your activities in this solution. Planning big projects and making one-off to-do lists is now possible in one simple application.

On this page you can download Chaos Control 1.9.1 for Mac OS via torrent for free.



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