Cepheus Protocol


System requirements Cepheus Protocol:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5-2500K / FX-6300
Video card: GeForce 470 / Radeon 6870 HD, 2GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 6 GB

Cepheus Protocol

An unknown and extremely dangerous virus began to enslave the population of San Francisco and turn them into dangerous creatures. They began to destroy everything around and threaten humanity as a whole, so it was decided to send troops against these creatures. You will take command, you have to carefully manage all the troops and try by any means to achieve a good result, trying to gradually reveal the potential of each unit. And especially for such a case, you just have to take the opportunity to download the Cepheus Protocol torrent for free and you can go on an amazing journey.

Total confrontation

In the game you have to carefully explore the locations and command the troops. This is not a global strategy, but a tactical version of command, where you have to manage a separate squad and perform a variety of tasks. Basically, you have to stop the invasion of monsters and try to save each fighter of your squad. Sometimes it will be necessary to fight with extremely dangerous and large monsters, which will require maximum concentration and the ability to match the characteristics of each fighter. In general, it will be possible to control the troops freely, as well as to adjust the equipment.


Especially for you, a large space will be open for a pleasant pastime, you just have to figure out all the nuances and get the most out of the process. It takes a lot of effort to stop the invasion of monsters. Therefore, you can safely download the Cepheus Protocol via torrent and you can enjoy every moment of this game. Try to reach your potential and achieve success. The fate of all mankind will depend on you.

Game features

The ability to personally lead a special forces squad.
Some fighters will have special abilities.
Plenty of room for tactical interaction.
Dangerous enemies attacking with a whole army.

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