System requirements Centralia:

Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) and higher
Processor: Intel CORE i3 or better
Video Card: Geforce 820m or better
Disk Space: 6 GB



Dangerous places can even be in your hometown. Sometimes these can be found. But what happens when the places themselves come to you? In the Centralia game you can download the torrent on our resource, you will need to determine what affected the occurrence of paranormal phenomena. Strange and inexplicable events have occurred. All residents suddenly disappeared, only desert streets and buildings remained. How to solve secrets when almost nothing is known? It turns out you can. The city has survived people who now have to be saved. You need to try to understand why the city was destroyed and find a solution to the current situation.

The insidious maze of city streets

A fascinating story with an unusual plot in which you need to get out of a city full of problems. All but a few people disappeared. But they also have difficulties. You can reach the city limits even when monsters attack you. And even stranger things happen right in front of the line. You can now download Centralia via torrent to enjoy the game. Start your search for details that will reveal ways to achieve your goal. Not only monsters, but also ghosts will try to prevent you. But you will not allow to drive yourself into a dead end.

Now you need to protect your wife, who also escaped with other people. Carefully exploring the area, you have to defend yourself from monsters that may try to prevent you. Remember your goal at any time. But never go ahead. The paranormal nature of what is happening is that ghosts can easily spot you. If you decide to reach the outskirts of the city as quickly as possible, you must be careful and act thoughtfully. Most importantly, move forward with the people who survived. Moreover, never use light. Good luck!

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