Celestial Command

System requirements Celestial Command:

OS: Windows 7/8 / (x64)
Processor: Core i3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 650 MB available space


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Celestial Command

Celestial Command – is a sand-box entertainment, created with an emphasis on realism. In this game, the developers managed to organically combine the plausible orbital mechanics, the ability to design ships, as well as many other details inherent in games about outer space.

In the game from Romenics you will collect all kinds of resources, the construction of aircraft and space stations. You will produce jet fuel, set up energy production, establish trade and economic ties with other stations and planets, fulfill various contracts and fight with space pirates in the field of the immense universe.

The highlight of the Celestial Command is a simplified model of orbital mechanics. Thanks to the latter, all objects of the game world are in permanent motion and never stop. That is why it is important to control and hold your ships on the same trajectory. Otherwise, you risk losing your equipment, as there may change courses and collide with other ships or stations. The game uses the concept of a two-dimensional world, so imitation of physics in 2D space facilitates the understanding of navigation, making the control of the ship easier and more understandable, and the flight easier.



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