Caveman Stories


System requirements Caveman Stories

OS: Windows 7 or superior
Processor: Intel Core I3 or equivalent
Video card: GTX 640 or superior
Disk space: 1 GB

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Caveman Stories

In the game Caveman Stories, which you can download torrent on the site, you control a caveman who strayed from his tribe at the beginning of the ice age and now must fight for survival and find his way home. This adventure is not to be missed! The world around suddenly became colder, and for some reason the surroundings are covered with “white dust”. We understand that this is just snow, but for a caveman who has never seen anything like this, this is a real test!

Explore the unknown

Explore unfamiliar locations to find a way to survive in this game. Unknown buildings and obscure symbols will be part of the puzzle for the fearless caveman to solve!

Find a way to defeat your enemies

In Caveman Stories, each type of enemy requires an individual approach, so you have to develop a battle strategy for each of them. Use all available items to win!

Gather wood and build a shelter to survive!

Nights in the game are incredibly cold, and therefore you will need to collect various resources and build shelters all over the map! Of course, you can find caves in which you can wait out the extreme cold, but they are quite rare!

Solve the secrets and mysteries of this world

Find a way to open the doors and start the broken mechanisms that you will meet on your way. And don’t forget about the enemies that are waiting for you around every corner!

Game features

– Stunning hand-drawn 3D graphics!
– An interesting combat system that requires a strategic approach and skills.
– Easter eggs scattered all over the map! 😀
– Lots of mysteries and secrets.

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