Caveman Craig

System requirements Caveman Craig

OS: XP or Later
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk space: 150 MB


Caveman Craig

Prehistoric creatures also lend themselves to training. And although they are huge, you have the courage to take a responsible role in training wild large animals. No, these are not cats. They are incredibly huge and slow. At first sight. Get acquainted with the history of dinosaurs in a unique arcade, overcome missions in locations, explore landscapes. You can download Caveman Craig torrent from our resource. Aboriginal people with whom you also have to find a common language somewhere lurked in the vicinity. After completing the mission, you can play the mini-games that the developers have provided.

Game plot

In prehistoric times, people lived in caves. So you find yourself in a similar place. Now you have to learn how to survive in the wild. Around – the most ancient creatures, dinosaurs. That sounds scary. But the game is the opposite. Huge monsters become friends of the protagonist. He did learn to train them. Great game that generations of different ages. Children will love this story. More nimble tricks will allow you to accumulate bonus points. Help overcome conflicts between tribes. This is another important task for you. In order to soak, pick berries, grain – all that you will find for food. You can also hunt. Discover the fascinating world of wild animals of the Jurassic period!

Game process

When completing the main missions, you will not only earn bonuses, but also discover exciting new mini-quests and various animals. By learning to train dinosaurs, you can begin to train mammoths. The rewards that you can receive for successful work will be given to you upon completion of the missions. Enhance your pet’s intellectual abilities. Not just being a trainer, but it’s very entertaining and interesting. You can download the Caveman Craig torrent for free from our game portal. The project will delight many players. You will find not only fascinating adventures, but also interesting quests, beautiful graphics, beautiful music.

Short epilogue

To be able to train all animals, you need to pacify the four tribes between which conflicts suddenly arose. Only then can you start teaching your new prehistoric pets. Bonuses are also very important. Points will be accumulated to improve the characteristics of dinosaurs and other creatures.

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