Cats in Time


System requirements Cats in Time:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2 Ghz
Video card: 2GB, Shader Model 2.0
Disk space: 2 GB

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Cats in Time

If you download Cats in Time via a torrent in Russian, it means, firstly, to get one of the new games at your disposal, secondly, to take part in exciting time travel, and thirdly, to show your creativity as much as possible, because to find “cats in time”, as the name of the game is translated, will be very difficult, and you will need to solve a lot of puzzles, their whole tangle!

More about the game

So, according to the plot of the exciting game Cats in Time, Professor Tim Edger, being an ingenious inventor, came up with a time machine. But besides genius, Eger has one more feature – he adores cats, and he had no less than 250 of these cute creatures. They constantly arrange a funny mess in his laboratory, and when the professor was not there, these irrepressible creatures suddenly activated the time machine and … disappeared into the space-time continuum. And now you, together with the scientist, have to find them.


You have a time machine at your disposal and the ability to move freely where cats could disappear. Some of them ended up in ancient Egypt, some in New York somewhere in the last century, and some pussies were lost in the urbanized spaces of Tokyo. You will have an exciting journey through all these cities and villages, and everywhere cats will hide exceptionally well, testing you on the ability to find them.

Features of the game

There is no limit to the creativity and ingenuity of the creators of this fascinating “search” game, it also has a developing character – here you can learn a lot of interesting things. The graphics of the toy are nice, the cats are very cute, they meow wonderfully and create a good mood. Only to find them, you need perseverance and creativity, but this is something you have in abundance – isn’t it? So go ahead – on an exciting tour of space and time!

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