Cat and Ghostly Road

System requirements Cat and Ghostly Road:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel i3
Video Card: GeForce 500 series or better
Disk Space: 2 GB

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Cat and Ghostly Road

The interactive world pleases with its unusual and interesting stories. For example, today you will have the opportunity to download Cat and Ghostly Road via torrent. In this adventure you have to play for a white cat who loved to walk on his own. True, when the cold came, he accidentally fell into a storm and was completely exhausted. He had already prepared to leave this world, but a man saved him. He warmed the cat and fed him, however, he himself was in despair. The fact is that his estate is constantly terrorized by ghosts and demons, and in order to thank the person, the cat goes on a journey. He intends to put an end to all these gloomy activities and enable his savior to live in peace.

More about the game

The gameplay of Cat and Ghostly Road is presented in the format of ordinary quest entertainment. Before you will be a screen on which you can move the main character and interact with the environment. Surprisingly, the cat itself is unusual and carries a magic pendant. He can search for useful objects, see paranormal activities and even fight them. True, for this it will be necessary to solve a variety of puzzles, collect objects and closely monitor the development of the plot.

Game features

This game entertainment Cat and Ghostly Road is not so ordinary and will surely appeal to players who miss original ideas. You need to make every effort and try to achieve a favorable result. We suggest you not to lose time and just start acting. Ahead of you are waiting for unexpected discoveries, the opportunity to achieve a good result and just enjoy the gameplay. In general, now the fate of a person will depend on your decisions. Try not to let him down and save him from imminent death from otherworldly forces. We wish you a pleasant game!

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