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System requirements Cassette Beasts

OS: Windows 10
Gamepad support: Full

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Cassette Beasts

A Japanese-style game that, at first glance, looks like a new, improved version of Pokémon. Cassette Beasts is retro, with bright multi-colored pixel graphics, which tells about the life of unusual creatures, cute and not so, that all together live on the fabulous island NewVirall. By chance, you also find yourself there and your task is to survive, explore this island and build a defense. This can be done using cassettes and players. The more you collect them, the faster you will transform into a monster with superpowers.

More about the game

Further – more – the monsters among themselves can also unite and become super – mega monsters, or they can conclude a pact on a joint battle against virtual enemies. There are a great many combinations: combining one with the other, you have no idea what abilities the new monster will have. In total, the authors of Cassette Beasts have developed 14,400 possible scenarios. Also, with the help of super – abilities, you will have to destroy obstacles and solve virtual puzzles. It is also possible to have a permanent partner in the game. In particular, it is available for both one player and several.

Game features

Role-playing game in which you have to record all 120 existing monsters on tape and only then get access to the finish line. It was developed by Bytten and created by creators who previously worked on games such as Starbound and StardewValley.

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