Cartonfall Fortress

System requirements Cartonfall Fortress:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5 2500K / FX 6300
Video card: GTX 660 / R7 265
Disk space: 3 GB

Cartonfall Fortress

Surely each of us in childhood loved to build fortresses and other structures from cardboard boxes, applying imagination and arranging truly unique adventures. Today we have good news for you, which is to resume this kind of entertainment, but in an interactive environment. This time, in Cartonfall Fortress, you will have a large number of different boxes that will surely delight you. You can actively use them for construction and further decoration of the environment. True, the matter will not be limited to construction alone, since you have to fight with a large number of enemies who will intend to destroy all your buildings and get to you. Therefore, you should not drag out too much and try to achieve a favorable result, which will surely please you and allow you to get maximum emotions.

More about the game

At first, I would like to note that the game will not have such a usual block-type construction system. After all, from the main resources you will only have boxes, so you should understand all the specifics of your activity and thinking about construction. It will be necessary to use not only various means to achieve success, but also try to build everything in such a way that it is not destroyed at the time of the attack. There will definitely be something to think about, it is enough just to collect your thoughts and try to use all your possibilities correctly. We believe in your strength and suggest not to waste time, and for this it will be enough to download Cartonfall Fortress via torrent on PC for free. And then you can go on an adventure.

Dangerous enemies

The time for construction will be extremely limited, so you initially have to think about all your actions and try to use not only a variety of construction schemes, but do not forget about crafting weapons and protective structures. This time you have to use all your knowledge to try to achieve a good result, yes, at first it will be difficult to understand how many enemies are, how to deal with them, etc. But gradually you will learn all the directions and you can achieve a good result.

Game features

Remember that there will be many enemies, they will confidently attack and will do it as soon as possible. Be prepared for this and do not be offended. We recommend that you download the Cartonfall Fortress torrent on your PC and start building the best fort in the world. We can only wish you good luck and good mood, now you will be responsible for your comfort. Destroy enemies, try to do it effectively and do not give any chance to enemies who will destroy everything in their path.

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