Cars with Guns It’s About Time

System requirements Cars with Guns It’s About Time

OS: Only tested on Windows 7 or later
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 ghz +
Video Card: Minimum GPU not yet known
Disk Space: 2 GB
Extras: More testing required for accurate requirements
Gamepad Support: Full

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Cars with Guns It’s About Time

Cars with Guns It’s About Time is one of the best options for having fun and having fun with your friends. The game has the fastest possible display. There are practically no traditional long downloads here, so you won’t have to wait until the next level is loaded. Another plus is that in order to accept one of your friends into your company, you do not need to start the game again – just press the button on the controller and that’s it, the character is in the game.

More about the game

Although the developers promise that there will be several modes in Cars with Guns It’s About Time, so far only one is available, and all the rest are in the process of testing. But we are sure that soon you will be able to download Cars with Guns It’s About Time torrent from our site and enjoy all the features of this magnificent project.

Back to the mode that is available today. It is called classic – here you have to compete with other opponents controlled by artificial intelligence and earn points. They are awarded for almost all actions, from jumping and drifting to destroying any objects that you meet on your way. You can increase the number of points earned with the help of combos, which are a series of tricks. The more tricks in this series, the greater will be your reward. The winner is the one who scores the most points before the timer expires.

As for the tricks, it will be possible to perform them on various vehicles. They differ from the usual cars and have great freedom of action – they can bounce a little over the track or make dizzying jumps using a springboard, drift, turn in the air and much more.

Game Features:

– Completely destructible gaming environment;
– A huge selection of cars from different years, ranging from retro models of the 1950s to ultramodern hypercars. There is also a bus, several trucks and a unique hovercraft is planned.
– All cars have very well-developed physics, so in case of any collisions, be prepared for damage, to the point that you lose a part of the body, such as the trunk or doors;
– Cars can be improved. This applies not only to color, but also to armament – at your service is a huge arsenal of all kinds of means of destruction, from machine guns to homing missiles.
– Earned points will allow you to access new cars and new weapons.
– You can download Cars with Guns It’s About Time torrent from our site quickly and for free.

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