System requirements CARRION

OS: Windows 7 SP1.
Processor: 2 core processor.
RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Video card: compatible with OpenGL 3.0.



As many of you are accustomed to playing horror games, you have to play for that hero who wants to save everyone and does everything possible for this. But not all games are based on a similar principle and today you have a great opportunity to try yourself with a completely different role. First you need to go to the specified Internet portal to download CARRION torrent there for free. In this game you will play as a monster who staged a real massacre in a small area. This time you will use the large weight of your character and the training that you need only in order to kill people. You will hunt them, tear them, thus gaining more and more strength. Do not worry, you just need to do everything that is indicated in the recommendations and achieve the result.

More about the game

How is CARRION different from other projects of this genre? First of all, the fact that now the gamer gets the opportunity to stay on the dark side. A certain substance of saturated red color escaped from the laboratory, and you will control it, destroying everything in its path. In order for this creature to survive, human flesh and blood are needed, it is with their help that it becomes stronger. During the move you will not have any restrictions, you are invulnerable and feel only freedom and the desire to kill.

Game features

This development of events sounds curious, because there are few games in which you can try yourself on the side of evil. But the level of cruelty in the game CARRION is very high. Therefore, if you like these games, then do not waste your time and start your adventure. The result will justify all your wishes, because in the end you will be able to create a real monster, dangerous and powerful. And it depends only on you whether you will indulge his whims. In a word, we wish you a good time in this game and get a lot of adrenaline! It is time to change the usual way of things and try yourself in a different role, where freedom and permissiveness reigns.

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