System requirements Carperation:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: i3-10100
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 12 GB

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Transport can be different depending on the state in which you have to use it. For example, we invite you to get acquainted with the game Carperation. Take the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, where you can observe the most unusual transport, starting with light vehicles. Ending in vans and even special carts for transporting citizens. It remains only to get used to the fact that it is necessary to deftly manipulate transport and try to get to the finish line among the first. But do not relax, as you have to make a lot of efforts and try to achieve a favorable result, recognition and fame.

More about the game

It should be understood that business will not be limited to ordinary races, because you have to actively use any available opportunities and try to achieve victory. Yes, the ability to control transport will be the main one, but do not forget the bonus opportunity to destroy the enemy or simply create unrealistic conditions for him to further follow the route. Such opportunities will allow you to approach races from a tactical approach as well. If you solve such issues in a measured and deliberate manner, therefore, you will certainly achieve a good result, which will delight you with unique and interesting opportunities. It remains only to download Carperation via torrent on PC for free and you can go on an adventure.

Plenty of fun

The main benefit of this adventure is that you will enjoy a good mood and unique situations. Just imagine a situation when you have to confront a van or a taxi car on an ordinary cart. At the same time, there will be a large number of participants in the race who will hinder you in every way or create various conditions to prevent your victory. In any case, you have to adjust to all these situations and try to gradually move towards the desired result. You can choose absolutely any transport, but it won’t be so easy to get used to it. Therefore, you just need to download the Carperation torrent on your PC and you can start acting.

If you are ready to start fighting for the title of “Best Street Racer” then you can start to act. We invite you to be attentive and try to be active, all this will allow you to achieve victory.

Game features

A large selection of various vehicles for active competition.
There is a choice among a variety of weapons, which will be exclusively focused on use during the race.
The tables of records and ratings will become the main determinant of the strongest rider.

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