Cargo Company


System requirements Cargo Company

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz dual core
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Grafik: Hardware accelerated graphics with dedicated memory
Disk space: 120 MB
Additional Notes: minimum resolution of 800×600


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Cargo Company

If you love planning, building a business, strategizing and growing, this game is perfect for you. The Cargo Company starts when you start your own trucking company. Your cargo can be transported by cars, trains, airplanes, any possible land and air transport. Each delivered order is money in your company’s pocket and the opportunity to buy new equipment, repair old ones and invest in expansion. Once you have mastered the basic routes, start creating new ones.

More about the game

It is in your power to transport anything you want: people, food, equipment, building materials and even rockets. Yes, the game makes it possible to conquer interplanetary space, deliver products to other planets, thereby enabling people to colonize the Moon, Mars and even stars outside the solar system suitable for life. Thus, you not only make money, but also support the activities of people on another planet.

Game features

Also Cargo Company makes it possible to manage several transport routes at once and gradually become an interplanetary transport tycoon. The system is very simple: the more you deliver, the more new orders are formed, the more are formed, the more you earn. In short, the expansion system is on stream, and the player needs to keep track of it. Sandbox game developed by Ambiera for PC. Single player or multiplayer modes are available. You also have the opportunity to become the master of a new, fantastic world, where you rule and you dictate all the rules.

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