Car Crush Racing Simulator

System requirements Car Crush Racing Simulator:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.8Ghz or AMD equivalent
Video Card: DX10 compatible or better
Disk space: 500 MB



Car Crush Racing Simulator

Here is an absolutely stunning mix of survival racing game and adventure. The main task in the game Car Crush Racing Simulator will be the first attempt to cross the finish line on your SUV, while surviving and not damaging your car. Before the race starts, you need to choose a car model, install all available improvements and get ready for the important stage. As soon as the signal sounds, you and your rivals start and rush along the track.

More about the game

However, not everyone is destined to return to the finish line. Indeed, for no reason, you will not be able to overtake your competitor, especially since they are quite cunning and powerful, and also have a special arsenal of abilities to destroy cars. The rest of the participants will constantly put pressure on you, try to push you to the sidelines, in a word, do everything in order to get ahead. If you are a fan of this genre trend, then we recommend that you pay attention to Car Crush Racing Simulator, which you can download torrent on our Internet portal.

Vehicle selection

Do not think that the game will be boring and quickly get tired of you, because as you progress through the game new tracks and new car models will open. You can also choose a motorcycle, sports car, a large SUV with tractor wheels, a pickup truck, buggies, exclusive cars, trucks – in a word, what your soul desires. You will not find some models in real life.

You will receive rewards in the form of points for the successful completion of the game and won first places in the races. These points will help you open access to new models of cars or will allow you to upgrade existing ones. The improvement system is quite interesting: you can make the car more powerful, add speed or dimensions. You need to adjust your driving style in the game Car Crush Racing Simulator and then no one will be able to overtake you on the track.

Game Features:

dynamics in survival races;
changing environment;
the opportunity to improve your car;
a huge range of models of cars, motorcycles and buggies;
excellent graphic design;
unique characters of drivers.

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