Call of Duty 3

System requirements Call of Duty 3

Windows OS: Vista / Seven x64
Processor: AMD Athlon II x2 2.80 GHz / Intel Core i7 @ 3.4 GHz
Video card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 1 / Nvidia GTX 285 768 MB
Hard disk space: 3.6 GB

Call of Duty 3

At one time, fans of the Call of Duty series were puzzled as to why the fourth part came out, when it was only the second before. But now a miracle happened and the release of the third part of the shooter took place on the PC. As a basis for the storyline campaign, real operations that took place during the Second World War again served.

That’s just for the development is now not responsible for the studio Infinity Ward, and the company Treyarch. In the future, this change will become traditional for the franchise, dividing the series into two branches. The main role will be made by servicemen of various powers, including the United States of America, the Soviet Union, France and the United Kingdom. Be prepared for the fact that often have to jump from one part of the globe to another. Download Call of Duty 3 torrent for free on our website.

More about the game

The gameplay remains the same, with the exception of a few details, sometimes under the control of the player will be transport, among which there are tanks. In it from one shot you can spread the enemy’s bunker. Also in the armament of the soldiers pointers appeared for air volleys of aircraft. Now, being in the shelter, you can order a shot at a group of opponents, but these charges are limited, so you need to be wise to use. By launching Call of Duty 3, you will play not only in the storyline campaign, but also in multiplayer, which has been significantly reworked, now battles take place on small maps, which allows you to concentrate the dynamics.

Call of Duty 3 is the first part of a computer shooter that is developed not by the traditional franchise studio Infinity Ward, but by Treyarch. The change is immediately noticeable, however – this does not mean that everything became bad, on the contrary, fresh breath only benefited, because it allowed us to demonstrate a somewhat new approach to the familiar action shooter.


As well as the previous two parts, the story campaign covers the events of the Second World War. However, this is a slightly different look than the one that was present in the first Call of Duty. You happen to try on the form of three different soldiers, among whom there was a place: an American, a British and a Frenchman.

Just in this project, a new trend of the franchise began, in which each subsequent part was endowed with more cinematicism, taking an example from Hollywood films that you could see in cinemas. A special inspiration was the movie “Rescue Private Ryan.” He forced the developers to add to the game a separate level, which is dedicated to landing on the west coast of the United States of America.

Do not forget that to play Call of Duty 3 is also due to the multiplayer mode, which allows you to plunge into the maelstrom of dynamic battles and adrenaline, which will pour you from head to toe and make you go under the impression for a few more days. Prior to this, so qualitatively approached the development of multiplayer only in the game Quake 2, which overturned in its time the gaming industry. You should not even look for a server, because the game supports a fast game, which itself will find the most suitable game for you.

Game process

Call of Duty 3 is a computer game, which, however, the owners of personal computers could miss and then wondered why, after the second part, immediately the fourth appeared on the shelves. But now justice has finally been restored, thanks to the craftsmen, who were able to transfer this smart game to the open spaces of the PC. This led to the fact that you can finally enjoy the adventures of your favorite heroes in the expanses of the Second World War, and not modern wars, as it has become fashionable in the last parts of Call of Duty.

Features of the game

At the same time, the developer of this part, unlike the first two, was Treyarch. These guys had time to mark a good set of games based on comic books about Spider-Man, but now they set about creating much more serious projects in the genre of first-person shooter. Due to this, there is a liveliness compared to its predecessors, who have already pretty fondled all possible concepts of the genre. Here you will have to wait for completely new levels and characters, which nevertheless, you will like no less than the old ones.

And the developers have repeatedly stated that the scale of the action has increased significantly, thanks to the transition to the new generation engine, which demonstrates the Hollywood picture and the scope of this warrior. Now you have several countries at your disposal, including the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and even the United States of America. The action will take place on two continents and gradually intersect in a dense story campaign. In this case, you can not only shoot from a firearm, but also ride on several vehicles that will delight you with its diversity.



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