Call of Duty 2

System requirements Call of Duty 2:

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7,8,10;
Processor: 1.4 GHz;
Memory (RAM): 250 Mb;
Video card: 64 Mb;
Hard Drive: 4 GB +600 MB

Call of Duty 2

Pay attention to the second part of Call of Duty. If you want to know what war is? The developers of the Call of Duty 2 project, which can be called a masterpiece of its kind. Were able to recreate the mass character of this bloody event. Yes, maybe someone will object that the shooters and shooters are full, but wait – this game is not just another game about the war for you, it’s realism and authenticity, and you can see for yourself. Events unfold during the Second World War, the choice of the party involved in the war – you have to do yourself.

More about the game

– Choose what you want! In battle, you can use a variety of firearms, as well as existing military equipment (these can be tanks or large-caliber installations). Weapons modeling was carried out on the basis of real and existing analogues.
– But everything is for real! What-what, and the developers worked really well for realism, having managed to make such a good project (you can verify this from the very first minutes). It’s rare when game events are made so that you begin to believe involuntarily that everything is really happening – here and now.

Features of the game

– The dynamic process of Call of Duty 2. The game is designed for you to devote more than one day to it, the entire gameplay is divided into 3 campaigns, 27 missions each. Tasks can be different – in one you have to destroy the superior enemy forces, using tactical skills. In the other to maintain the integrity of the vital cargo, while not losing it, in the third to defend the control point so that your allies can gain an advantage, etc. The fascination of what is happening is attached!

– Never underestimate the enemy! Your enemies are not just a bunch of stupid NPCs who make the same mistakes over and over again. So that you do not get bored, the enemy is equipped with AI. So that his behavior in battles is adjusted based on the observation of your actions.
– Stealth, sudden attack, sneaking – this is only a small part of their capabilities to fight against you.
Without strict rules. You will not need to go through the existing missions in the order established by the game – choose for yourself what to do, along the way, get acquainted with the history of the war of that time.

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