System requirements Caffeine:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: 2.0 GHz
Video Card: 1 GB
Hard disk space: 4 GB

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For all science fiction horror fans, here’s the 2015 hit – the Caffeine game. If you have no time to read the review, then download the Caffeine game from our website right now and see everything with your own eyes. In this project, elements of adventure are developed, and during the game you can notice something similar to: Doom 3, FEAR, Condemned. But don’t think it’s plagiarism, not at all, the inspiration came from the above games, and the creator of DylserX Incandescent Imaging confirmed it. In the incredible atmosphere of the game perfectly fit the genre of action. The gamer sees the hero in a 3D effect, but we do not have the opportunity to see the appearance of a protagonist. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer in Caffeine, and this is a bit upsetting.

More about the game

The main character is a guy who woke up in the middle of nowhere, and at the same time, absolutely alone. How did he get here? What should he do? All he remembers is that something incomprehensible happened on board and now the boy needs to explore the station that produces caffeine alone. At first glance, it seems that it is empty, but along the way you will find many tips and notes, important messages that will help you find the right path. Will all these clues be able to answer the question: What happened here, in the end, happened?


The game will dip you in 2097, in which caffeine is considered a drug, it is available and widespread. Its extraction is carried out not on Earth, but on other planets, and the above caffeine extraction station is an important element of horror.

The protagonist is between life and death, one can say it is on the verge, but it is thin and, unfortunately, is closed by a riddle, to which we need to find the answer.
Also, a demo version was released in the release so that fans of the above genres could appreciate the project and delve into the plot. Therefore, do not lose a second, download the game Caffeine from our site using the torrent, free and very fast.

Features of the game

It is worth noting that the name of the project and its storyline are quite interesting, since in reality, caffeine has become an integral part of human life. Any home has a bag of coffee, and if not, then most likely it just ended. Everyone goes to the cafe and orders what? Right, coffee. Caffeine adds energy to a person, helps to wake up in the morning, raises the mood and simply brings pleasure with a pleasant taste and enchanting aroma. You may notice that at the moment a lot of people are addicted to caffeine, and the Caffeine game is an alternative to the world in which coffee addiction is regarded as narcotic and costs a lot of money.

If you think about it, it’s possible that this situation can happen in the real world, so when playing, you can plunge into this topic with your head. Kaffeine was released on PC platforms, Sony PlayStation 4 and X-Box One, such options are very convenient, since everything works quickly and does not crash. Interesting? Then download the game Caffeine from our site using the torrent, quickly and absolutely free. Run it and get a lot of incredible emotions and impressions. This great project has tons of exciting features, and which ones you can find out when you download the Caffeine game.

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