Bus Simulator 16

System requirements Bus Simulator 16:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 96OT 3.0 GHz or compatible processor
Video card: GeForce GTX 470 (with 1 GB of internal memory) or compatible with it
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0s
Hard disk space: 5 GB


Bus Simulator 16

Today, the role of simulators is very justified. Although there are not very many of them, but each one offers a very interesting game, they allow you to replenish your knowledge, to prove yourself in different areas of life. For example, if you want to try yourself in the role of a bus driver, then the new Bus Simulator 16 game project will provide you with such an opportunity. Ride along the roads of a German city, transport its inhabitants, while always following the road and following the rules. If you think that this is not complicated, then you are mistaken, here you have to try pretty hard.

More about the game

The computer game Bus Simulator 16 belongs to the genre of simulators. Your responsibilities will include not just the right ride, but also the mandatory care of your transport. The information panel in the bus is equipped with indicators, and each is responsible for a certain section of the state of the bus. You will be able to control the health and condition of the bus, and also find out if something is broken. Going on a route around the city, you will have to inspect your transport each time, monitor the cleanliness in the cabin, about sufficient fuel, good condition of the wheels, and so on. Drive smoothly, as all passengers are endowed with a different AI, and can behave differently, be polite, and even attack you. Your route will consist of 450 stops, and the whole route will be accompanied by constant stress, as well as the pleasure of doing what you love.

Game Features:

– A game in the genre of a bus driving simulator looks very realistic.
– You can choose the type of bus yourself.
– More than four hundred stops, each of which will have a different level of difficulty.
– Passengers are endowed with AI with different behaviors. There are nuances for paying for travel.
– Glasses can fog up, as in real transport. Keep track of this, because you can get into an accident because of poor visibility of the road.
– The bus is equipped with a dashboard, very realistic. It displays the technical condition of your vehicle.
– Using the multifunction display, you can monitor and adjust the status, as well as many functions in your bus.
– There is even a tachograph, and a driver’s registration card.
– All the mirrors in the bus, the visor, as well as the windows, you can adjust and adjust.
– All traffic rules are very realistic. Follow the route schedule.
– Everything is like on a real road – other road users, sometimes pedestrians strange and unpredictable, and much more.
– Each bus model is very detailed. Passengers and surroundings taken into account.
– You will find yourself in a virtual world of enormous size, where you can explore at a time when, according to the schedule, you are not in a hurry. All this makes it possible to awaken in you the desire to download Bus Simulator 2016 via torrent using our game resource.

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