System requirements BURIED STARS

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-6300U
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Intel® HD Graphics 520
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 10 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible SoundCard or Onboard Chipset
Optional: DualShock®4, Xbox Controller or Direct Input Compatible Controllers Supported.
Gamepad support: Full

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This is an unusual role-playing game, which offers to take the opportunity to take on the role of one of the heroes, who found himself with other characters under the rubble of a huge building. At first it seemed like a miracle that they all survived, but then it became clear that what happened was far from being so accidental and even intentional. Therefore, you just have to download the game BURIED STARS via torrent and after that you can go on an exciting journey. In this game you will find unpredictable intrigues, conspiracies and the disclosure of not the most pleasant truth about each of the heroes.

Complicated story

An interesting advantage of your adventure is that you can influence the gameplay by carefully studying the character and characteristics of each of the heroes. You will have to play only for one, but at the same time it will be possible to influence what is happening by actively influencing the environment. At the same time, it should be understood that almost all characters have acting skills and the ability to cunningly manipulate the interlocutor. Only in this way will you achieve a favorable result, be able to make the right decisions and gradually move towards your goals. You should not rush to make your decisions, since any mistake can completely cross out the entire course of history.


Each hero will pursue his own goals, so you should be extremely careful and take your time with your decisions. To begin with, we recommend that you take the opportunity to download the game BURIED STARS via torrent on your PC, and after that you can start to actively act so that you achieve a good result and can somehow influence the entire course of history. Therefore, you should be extremely careful and try to gradually make decisions that will help you achieve a favorable result.

Game features

An amazing story of the destruction of a huge building.
A subtle game of intrigue and an unpredictable outcome.
All power is in conversations and the ability to manage communication.
Try not to be the first victim of a conspiracy.

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