Bully Scholarship Edition

System requirements Bully Scholarship Edition:

Windows OS: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz or Athlon Equivalent
Video card: nVidia GeForce 6600/7300 or ATI Radeon X1300 (Shader Model 3.0)
Hard disk space: 4.4 GB

Bully Scholarship Edition

The strongest survives. That’s life. Any psychologist will say that children are very angry and cruel. Teenage aggression is aimed primarily at the weak and helpless. No discussion of psychoanalysts about the brutality and aggression of adolescents has never helped anyone. Everyone must accept this and solve their problems themselves. The childhood is over. A new, adult life begins. Having entered the university, forget everything that was before. We must act in a new way, most often cruelly, to protect ourselves. Laws in higher education are either accepted or not. The consequence of not adopting laws is death. We recommend you download the game Bully Scholarship Edition fast and free.

More about the game

Bulvors Academy was created for bullies, brawlers. The protagonist of the Bully Scholarship Edition, Jimmy Hopkins enters it. He was never a “Pai-boy”; he was expelled from many higher educational institutions before that. But even for him in this academy it will be hard to fight for his life. Bulvors is built for difficult teenagers with a “difficult past”, it specializes in pacifying them and introducing them to the realities of life. Every time Jimmy has to prove that he is the strongest. How to be Jimmy in this game, which can be downloaded via torrent on our website, you decide.

Features of the plot of the game:

As soon as Jimmy enters the campus, realizes that he is forced to fight for his life, not everything here is as outwardly calm as it seems. Pupils from his class are constantly tweaking something for him. Senior students – fight with younger students. There is no help from anyone. All that is at hand is useful to you to protect your life.

One of the features of the game Bully Scholarship Edition is a love relationship. In these relationships, you need to become an ace to win the heart of your girlfriend. And the girls, you know, are very windy. They need to pay attention and an atypical approach. Otherwise, another will conquer her! Here, too, you have to smash your head to make it work! Jimmy will study at the academy for a year. During this period of time, he must check all the buildings of this institution, reveal his most secret secrets and win the battles. In the game you can move around as you want and wherever you want without restrictions.

While studying at Bully: Scholarship Edition, you will find many pleasant moments, such as informative lectures on: geography, mathematics, biology and music. This is another of the advantages of this game. Puzzles for the brain are so diverse and sometimes unpredictable that sometimes you need to think carefully to answer them and not get into unforeseen situations. And one of them is the correct distribution of the budget. Jimmy is a student, and the students have little money, as you know.

Game features

Which student doesn’t want to walk well? Here, too, you need to understand that fights are fights, and everyone should have a personal life. And not only personal life. And nobody canceled sports! Participation in sporting events gives additional bonuses to players. Take part in football and basketball competitions. Find out what an outlandish Dodge Ball is and win this game!

In the computer game Bully: Scholarship Edition you have to become a fighter and a bully. This game is the most famous project of the RockStar Games studio, except for their main series Grand Theft Auto. The game Bully: Scholarship Edition gained fame due to the fact that it allows you to plunge into the school world, to become a student again. In the game, you control one of America’s top hooligans. Due to his poor behavior, he is sent to Bulvors Academy. Here, an excellent student with good behavior should be fashioned from him. It is up to you to become Jimmy a good student, get good grades or turn into a bandit and study badly.

Various adventures await you in winter, spring, summer and autumn. At a certain time of the year you will ride a skateboard, bicycle or car trailer, or other means. Getting up early or not going to them is up to you. Hooligans, most often it’s hard to attend school on schedule. This will need to be learned. In order to learn how to fight well and increase your level of abilities in the struggle for survival, you have to visit a certain training section in the game.

To play the game Bully Scholarship Edition will want those gamers who have already graduated from high school, university and dream of returning there even in the game version. Everyone else will also enjoy a high-quality game in which you need to not only shoot or fight, but also think with your head.

On this page you can download the game Bully Scholarship Edition via torrent for free on PC.



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