Brutal Doom

System requirements Brutal Doom

Operating System: Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 10
Processor: x86 / x64 with a frequency of 300 MHz or more.
RAM: 128 MB or more.
Video card: 64 MB of video memory and Shader Model 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Free space on hard disk: 100 MB or more.

Brutal Doom

As the name itself already shows, the presented game exactly resembles the good old Doom. Only increased blood and cruelty. On our portal you can download Brutal Doom torrent for free. During the game you will see a lot of elements of sadism, manifestations of cruelty, anger and outbursts of rage. A complete revision of this modification added more brilliance, new types of weapons appeared, as well as the ability to crack down on enemies quite hard. You can also see the replenishment of new features. It will be, and the agony of your enemies with the subsequent execution, armament is very believable, as well as blood fountains, etc. This game is suitable for those who have strong nerves, and have already met quite a lot in their way.


The game fully lives up to its name, so it is better for children not to be allowed to play in this modification. There will be a sea of ​​blood, pieces of human flesh, very realistic special effects, and sound accompaniment will only add the appropriate atmosphere to the gameplay. In the game Brutal Doom, which you can download torrent on our Internet resource, you can add a variety of fatalities, as well as shoot monsters. Remember that your weapon needs to be reloaded, and the shotgun fires in turn. So you will definitely not have an easy life, however, it also does not become less interesting from this.


In appearance, the game resembles an old and beloved game. So you can slightly indulge in nostalgia. The developers worked hard to maintain the spirit of the previous version of the game, but at the same time adding a little more action and new items in the schedule. Also, the physical laws are slightly modified in this version, so now your enemies can fly to shreds. Shotgun shooting is also very realistic, and thanks to a change in artificial intelligence, enemies have become much smarter. You will also have the opportunity to save yourself as an assistant infantryman. He will briefly help you and deal with monsters.


– You will have a rapid-fire assault rifle at the start of the game. And even until the end of the game, it will not lose its relevance. You can turn on hand-to-hand combat when you run out of ammo. Blows can be done with hands and feet. As a result of such actions, the enemy can be destroyed, but it can simply fly off to the side or fall stunned. Do not worry, in this game you will have plenty of weapons of various types, and an assault rifle, like a shotgun, will have a clip with 8 rounds. So do not forget about recharging.

– If a misfortune happened to your comrade through the fault of monsters, then you can always take revenge on them. Moreover, it will be possible to do this in a variety of ways. For example, to shoot an arm or leg, and then drag an evil creature along the corridors of the Martian base. The main feature of this game will be the presence of packs with brutality. If you use this technique, you can personally tear off the head of the monster, tear the zombies in half, tear out someone’s eye or throw a barrel of toxins at opponents.

Features of the game

The location has also undergone changes. Now on your way will come across captive space infantrymen whom you will need to free. And although they do not live very long, they manage to kill a sufficient number of evil creatures during that time.
– A huge amount of blood can scare the faint of heart players. And in this fashion there will be plenty of blood. In addition, for example, using a rocket launcher, you can easily tear a monster to shreds, and its remains will scatter throughout the room.

– Monsters have become much stronger and smarter. They also learned some things and became truly dangerous opponents. Imps can jump on you unexpectedly, as the demon demons have a high speed of movement and manage to leave the line of fire. So hold on! The challenge is thrown!

The game has a fully working multiplayer.

On this page you can download the game Brutal Doom torrent free on PC.



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