System requirements Broll:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: AMD FX-6100 / Intel i3-3220
Video card: Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 6 GB


Different adventures offer different challenges. Today we want to send you on an amazing Broll adventure that will test your readiness to properly use a broken mannequin and overcome obstacles of all kinds. You will need to carefully study the available locations and challenges, try to use all your available opportunities correctly and enjoy a favorable game. Do not think that doing something like that is not interesting. On the contrary, you will get maximum emotions from what is happening and just enjoy the gameplay. The main thing is to feel the atmosphere of the game and achieve the tasks set.

More about the game

The main feature of the adventure will be that you can control a dummy that is alien to the laws of physics. You can toss it, launch it in flight and just calculate the jump. And the mannequin, like a lifeless body, will fly wherever it is directed. But whether he will hit the target, it will all depend solely on your ability to deftly use this body to achieve your goals. We suggest that you do not waste much time and just start trying new opportunities. And for this you will first need to download Broll via torrent on your PC for free. Are you ready for such an adventure? This will show time and willingness to achieve the set goals.

Abundance of levels

Another interesting aspect of this adventure will be participating in a variety of challenges. Locations will be varied, will allow you to get new impressions and test your logical thinking, which in the future will mark not only victory, but also just a pleasant environment. We would like to recommend that you carefully monitor your surroundings and try to actively use any available opportunities to achieve your goal. At first, everything will be unusual and difficult, but then the result will get better until it is completely perfect. Are you ready for this? Then we propose to immediately download the Broll torrent on your PC and discover new ways of development and prosperity in this difficult competition.

It’s time to experience all the delights of a new adventure and discover new adventure goals. Try to get an excellent mark in each level and demonstrate deafening results. Thanks to this attitude, you will have many paths for self-realization. Take action and enjoy your result.

Game features

A huge supply of levels of a very different nature, requiring special attention and skill.
A lifeless mannequin that can be thrown in different directions and not worry about his health.
Unpredictable result when using all available functions.
Spacious levels that allow you to pass the test in several ways.
Additional devices to increase the likelihood of successful execution.

On this page you can download the game via torrent Broll free on a PC.



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