Broken Pieces


System requirements Broken Pieces

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bits)
Processor: Intel Core i3-2130 (3.4 GHz) / AMD FX-4100 (3.6 GHz)
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: 2 GB, GeForce GTX 1050 (Legacy GPU: GeForce GTX 660) / Radeon R7 370.
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 9 GB.

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Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces is a psychological thriller and dynamic adventure set in a coastal village in France. Start your investigation! Players will play the role of the main character Eliza, a woman who lives in the village of Saint-Exile, in an imaginary area somewhat similar to Brittany.

More about the game

The woman is stuck in time due to a strange paranormal phenomenon. This time loop forces a woman to relive the same day, anew. You have to start your investigation to find out what is really going on in this area. If you want to participate in this mystical adventure, we recommend that you download Broken Pieces torrent for free.

Unique gameplay

When strange phenomena are hovering in a gloomy climate, users will need to reveal all the secrets that surround Saint-Exile, explore a ritual cult and a mysterious lighthouse. We invite you to plunge into this mysterious story and find out the whole truth.

Key features of the game

Users will be able to spot the camera system accompanying Silent Hill or Resident Evil.
Through listening to audio tapes and a mystical environment, players will be able to get to know the Saint-Exile region up close.
Solving various riddles by shifting the time, finding out the reason for stopping the clock.
The ability to participate in a battle with dangerous opponents, due to a special combat system.
Deep and mysterious atmosphere.

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