Bright Memory: Infinite

System requirements Bright Memory: Infinite

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: INTEL E3-1230v2
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1050TI or AMD Radeon R9 285
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB
Gamepad Support: Partial

Bright Memory: Infinite

A chic combination of action and FPS resulted in a game project from FYQD-Studio. Therefore, if you suddenly wanted to download the Bright Memory: Infinite torrent, then you are welcome to our site. In this game you can realize all your secret abilities and talents in order to apply amazing combinations to attack.

More about the game

According to the storyline, you will be transported to the near future, only in 2036. So, heaven is now the most discussed topic, because there is an amazing phenomenon for which even the most intelligent people on the planet have no explanation. The scientific organization, which deals with all supernatural, also sent representatives to all corners of the planet to find the necessary information. As it turned out, all these phenomena are related to an ancient riddle.

Game features

The first episode of this interactive project Bright Memory: Infinite is now available. The creators say they can’t say the exact number of copies of the game on sale right now. Therefore, now they have released such a demo version for themselves, and later, using crowdfunding, you can get more. It was the efforts of everyone who liked this project that helped to raise the right amount to start the gameplay. But the plot and some stages of the game are still being finalized according to the wishes of gamers. The authors continue to plan to do new experiments and add them to the game. So gamers will be able to immediately evaluate them and try them out. As soon as the development is completed, the game can come out as a full-fledged project.

On this page you can download the game Bright Memory: Infinite torrent free on PC.



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