System requirements Brigador:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.6 GHz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: AMD Radeon 5770 / NVIDIA GTX 460
Disk space: 1 GB

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In the futuristic shooter Brigador, you will control an android specially designed for combat missions, somewhat reminiscent of the famous Robocop, and complete various missions. The bulk of the missions will take place in a city with a completely destructible environment. At your service is a huge selection of all kinds of equipment and ammunition, with which you will fight against lawlessness and tyranny.

More about the game

According to the plot, the game takes place in the most corrupt and most dangerous country in the world – Colombia. Naturally, where the most cocaine is grown, there will be the most violent crime. Colombian drug lords are not shy about funds and literally occupied the government of the country. Therefore, it was decided to send a detachment there, where you also enter. To administer justice on the spot. However, this is not the United States – no one cares about respecting the rights and calling a lawyer. Therefore, the sentence is short – death on the spot. And if the one who has the big gun is right, then the hero of the game Brigador has the biggest torrent, which can be downloaded from our website.

Game features

Your hero’s name is Matador. He is a true professional in special operations, with vast experience and a small personal graveyard behind his back. The task of his squad is to fight drug-related crime anywhere, but, most often, in cities. Just recently, Matador’s brother was brutally murdered. The drug lords somehow got wind of him and thus took revenge on your hero. Now the Matador, literally maddened by such a turn of events, is blown away and he is ready to do anything to find his brother’s killers.

Moreover, now every drug dealer, bandit or cartel member is his personal enemy. And he has a short conversation with enemies. But in the course of his own investigation, Matador learns that it turns out that information about his brother was leaked to the Colombians by one of the DEA officers and then he decides to find the traitor himself and eliminate him.

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