Break Sky


System requirements Break Sky:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: i3
Video card: GTX 1050TI
Disk space: 2 GB


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Break Sky

Welcome to Break Sky, the epitome of chaos. On this planet there is only nature, raging storms and mechanical creatures, which, due to the lack of any care and repair, gradually perish. Fortunately for them, a ship of people fell, in which one man with the skills of robotics and engineering survived. By combining all these properties, he can help the world achieve good prosperity. True, do not forget about storms and bad weather, which simply destroys everything in its path. Try to study everything carefully and achieve a good result on your adventure. But be careful, this world is much more dangerous than it might seem at first.

More about the game

As a mechanical engineer, this planet will be the best find for your hero. After all, there will be a lot of resources, creatures and other interesting discoveries that will help to reveal your talent and just go on a journey filled with construction, scientific research and a lot of other interesting finds. You shouldn’t waste your time and just try to actively use all available opportunities that will allow you to enjoy every minute of your time. In the meantime, we suggest you just take the chance to download Break Sky via torrent for free.

Construction and nothing more

The basis of survival will be the construction of structures and the creation of fauna habitats. First you need to create a house, then think about manufacturing industries and supplies. You can travel the world, collect debris and try to create something incredible and unusual. For example, you found a broken mechanism that resembles a dinosaur, immediately transport it to your base and try to restore it. Found strange debris, you can immediately begin to explore them, extract artifacts or even modify existing animals. Either way, you will have many opportunities for success. In the meantime, we just suggest you download Break Sky torrent on your PC to go to this world of survival.

Survival can be different and it is not always necessary to save only the hero’s life. This time, the task is more global – the restoration of fauna and nature on this planet. Can you cope with this task? Then you can hit the road.

Game features

A huge planet, open for exploration and other opportunities for building and creating your own unique world.
A small simulator of the technical assembly of robots and their modification.
The fight against the forces of nature, which will be remembered for unusual solutions to problems.

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