Bravely Default II


System requirements Bravely Default II

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit.
Processor: AMD FX-4350 / Intel Core i3 2.5GHz.
RAM: 6 GB.
HDD: 15 GB hard disk space
Video card: AMD Radeon RX 460 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.
DirectX version: 11.
Also: Keyboard, mouse

Bravely Default II

This Japanese game invites you to become the savior of the world, in charge of all living beings. Your actions will determine whether they will live on, or everything will fall into decay. This is the second installment of Bravely Default, released in 2012, but it is not a direct sequel. Thus, Bravely Default II does not continue the story of the original, but takes the player into a completely new world and gives new challenges.

More about the game

You have to play a variety of characters, which are a team of Warriors of Light, but have completely different characteristics. For example, Seth survived a shipwreck and decided to travel, Gloria is a princess on the run, and Elvis and Adele never thought that they could take part in saving the world. But one way or another, they all have to go on a big journey in order to, overcoming obstacles and fighting monsters, collect all five magic crystals that can save all kingdoms from destruction.

Features of the game

Each character in Bravely Default II has its own set of unique characteristics and skills that will be useful for you to complete missions;
you will control magicians who own one of the four elements – fire, wind, water or earth;
battles in the game are organized step by step, so that you can think over tactics and calculate moves in advance;
an advanced class system in which you can pump heroes in various ways;
explore a huge world, develop and complete tasks – this is the only way you can save it from the attacks of invaders and chaos.

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