Boxy SVG 3.42.2

System requirements Boxy SVG 3.42.2

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Boxy SVG 3.42.2

Boxy SVG 3.42.2 is an entry-level vector graphics editor with a complete set of essential features, an easy-to-learn interface with tabs and customizable keyboard shortcuts. With its help, you can easily create banners, icons, buttons, graphics, interface sketches and even funny memes.

More about the program

Boxy SVG 3.42.2 editor supports the creation and editing of vector objects using several tools, decorate them with color gradients, and supplement with text elements. The functions of editing meta-data are not forgotten, the manager of layers and objects is implemented, it is possible to import raster images and export files to PNG. In the arsenal of the program there is a fairly rich library of ready-made vector drawings, which can be used for text search, and access to the collection of Google Fonts is provided.

Key features:

Clean and intuitive interface inspired by Inkscape, Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.
Support for on-canvas editing: object geometry, transformation, drawing and other properties.
Ability to save file in SVG and SVGZ formats, export to PNG, JPG, WebP, PDF and HTML5.
Open image library integration with thousands of free vector images.
Integration with Google Fonts with hundreds of free fonts.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts for over 100 commands.
Manual Guides, Smart Guides and Grid.
Path operations (concatenate, intersect, subtract, exclude, close, inverse, etc.)
Arrangement operations (align, rotate, flip, order, group, etc.)

For Web Developers

Chromium-based rendering engine
The SVG and CSS code inspector is the same as on Chrome Dev Tools
Clear SVG output, preserves IDs, classes, headers and other metadata
SVG sprites editing support

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