System requirements Bowmen

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video: 128 MB
HDD: 1.4 GB
DirectX: 9.0s



Your hero in the game Bowmen is located in the left corner, he cannot move. On the right, monsters are coming at him in waves. With each new wave, new creatures appear, which are much stronger than the previous ones. At the end of the round you will find a huge and powerful boss, which is not so easy to defeat: you will have to use cunning and dexterity.

More about the game

As you progress through the levels in the game Bowmen, the player will be shown cutscenes with stories about why, for whom and from whom the player defends the fortress. It turns out that otherworldly creatures attacked his country, the leader of which is a huge and powerful monster. He will send out his warriors until they run out. And when his army is defeated, he will appear in person to meet the player. Yes, there is a boss at the end of each round, but it is at the end of the game that he is the most powerful and strongest. Defeating him won’t be easy!

Weapons and skills

You go into battle with certain skills and weapons. You can choose an arsenal of weapons that you will take with you to a meeting with the invaders. The point is that different weapons are effective in different ways against different types of enemies. After defeating bosses, you will receive in-game artifacts that give various bonuses: increased life reserve, increased damage, the ability to completely clear the battlefield of enemies once per battle, and so on. If you like action arcade games with an interesting pumping system, then you should definitely download Bowmen on your PC via torrent for free.

The player’s main weapon is a bow and arrow. With their help, you need to try not to let the enemy near the hero, otherwise death will not escape. The hero has several lives, but you shouldn’t really hope for them – if you let the enemy in, it will be extremely difficult to squeeze him out.

Game features

Waves of enemy attacks, at the end of each of which a boss is waiting for you;
The enemy must not be allowed to approach you, otherwise a huge line of those who want to devour you will line up behind him;
Between the passage of the levels, the player is shown videos that will help to figure out what happened;
The ability to upgrade your characteristics and improve weapons.

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