Borneo A Jungle Nightmare


System requirements Borneo A Jungle Nightmare

OS: Windows 8 or newer
Processor: Intel Core i3 M380
RAM: 2 MB of RAM
Video card: Intel HD 4000
Disk space: 500 MB


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Borneo A Jungle Nightmare

Ruggiero Deodato is an Italian filmmaker who has been filming quite open-ended horror films for several years. His last painting “Cannibals Hell” served as a prototype for the creation of the game. So, the movie tells about a small film crew of amateur tourists. Which for unknown reasons disappeared in the Amazon jungle. After that, a video camera was found, which told the whole story of the troubled “filmmakers”. It turns out that they were captured by the local cannibal tribe. Where the aliens were dealt with very cruelly and quickly. Needless to say, the film was banned in 60 countries. Because of the horrific scenes of violence and abuse on animals, as well as on people. In fact, the Italian director “ate the dog” on the topic of cannibalism. This is why Borneo A Jungle Nightmare, based on his script, is not a game for the faint of heart.

More about the game

Borneo A Jungle Nightmare invites you to take part in an interesting horror adventure as you travel to Borneo. There you need to explore the local jungle, forests, where no man’s foot has gone before, and you will also have to get acquainted with local tribes. They practice cannibalism on tourists who, by the will of circumstances, step on the road leading to their home. For those who dare to go through the game to the end, the authors have prepared another terrible surprise. The player will learn that cannibals live not only in local tribes, but also in large, large cities nearby, where you will seek help.

Game features

The author of the original drawings in the game was made by the artist Sola Macello, and the “toy” itself was developed on the Unity engine. The game is available both for one player and for several. You can take part in the expedition on your own, or you can create a separate team together with your friends and move to excavations in the Jungle. In particular, today the game can be purchased from the authors using the system: “one-time payment for use”, as well as found in online stores. Or, you can always download Borneo A Jungle Nightmare to your PC via torrent for free.

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