Book of Demons

System requirements Book of Demons:

Operating System: Windows Vista and higher
Processor: 1.7 GHz, Dual Core
Video card: from 512 MB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c
Hard disk space: 1 GB

Book of Demons

Thing Trunk game co-developers are preparing to release a very unusual platformer in the mixed genre of Action and RPG. You have never seen such a fascinating, isometric adventure. Having plunged into the game universe, you will come across a gloomy and frightening world of magic, in which evil and betrayal reign. The Book of Demons project will appear in the second half of 2016, in services such as Xbox Live and Steam.

More about the game

Book of Demons – a mixture of action-slasher and clicker, graphically designed in the spirit of the very first part of Diablo. You will find a unique gloomy style with a hint of a cardboard universe, where all locations, monsters, heroes seem to be made of paper, which is only emphasized by the pseudo-three-dimensional perspective and isometric camera angle.

There is one unique feature in the game from the indie studio Thing Trunk: the fact is that our protagonist, who can be either a warrior or a magician, is able to move exclusively along special paths forward or backward. But at the same time, the main character can attack enemies on all 4 sides. The combat mechanics are also not typical, as for the isometric RPG genre. In order to defeat the enemy, you must “call out”, and literally.

Also in addition to automatic attack, our adventurer can use spells sharpened in special maps. In addition, potions and things worn on the protagonist are also cards. Traditionally, the use of the notorious cards consumes mana points. It is worth noting that the local pumping system allows you to improve only health or mana. This is about experience. For gold coins, you can purchase additional slots for abilities.

Distinctive features of the project:

– The unusual design is based on the so-called paper graphics, which look great, bewitching, and remembered for a long time.
– The map system also represents a very interesting development. It combines manipulations with magical actions, weapons arsenal and equipment.
– You will be able to carefully think through tactical moves and develop abilities, thanks to the unique capabilities of movements and interactions.
– In addition, there is control over the time of sessions, thanks to which you can easily set the session time so as not to get stuck there for a day.
– After you have completed the levels, there is an opportunity to continue exploring the game world and locations.
– You are guaranteed not to be bored, thanks to the implementation of the hack & slash system.
– A large number of gloomy and frightening dungeons were created, the choice of which is carried out randomly.
– Applied solo career, with three original classes, so that you can diversify the gameplay.
– For gamers, a variety of monsters will be a pleasant surprise; there are sixty of them.
– The game has a large share of humor.

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