Boiling Steel

System requirements Boiling Steel:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5-4590 or better
Video Card: GTX 970 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 20 GB

Boiling Steel

Not so often, technical and scientific progress contributes to the emergence of a bright life and elementary development. For the most part, ordinary people simply seek the best in life, but they are cruelly deceived, after which their life turns into a real nightmare. Today we suggest you try on the role of an ordinary person in the game Boiling Steel, which was led by advertising promises from one corporation. They were known for excellent locations, constantly talking about success and prosperity, that is, in appearance – a real paradise. However, there was one oddity: whoever went there, no one else saw these people. And it was strange that their relatives and friends were not particularly worried about this. So it happened with our character, who also went there in search of a good life.

More about the game

Initially, it is necessary to mention that the presented project is available only for virtual reality. Thus, you can completely plunge into the game world and carefully examine the environment. Once you get used to this game, the story will immediately envelop you. As expected, our main character fell into this corporation, being in a special capsule of sleep. He is not aware of where he is, just ready to make his life better. But when he arrives there, the truth is revealed that this corporation was captured by fanatics. They put a person before a choice – either you become one of them, or death. And so many, under pain of death, replenished their ranks. But our hero is ready to take a chance and go against the system in order to dump these comrades from the board and return the usual prosperity of this company. So, if you are ready to challenge all the foundations, we recommend that you go to our game portal and download the Boiling Steel torrent for free.

Fierce clash

To stop the uprising and suppress these same fanatics, you have to fight a lot. But from the positive it can be noted that you have the skills of such a lifestyle. After all, our hero had previously served, so he knows how to handle weapons quite well. So, to cope with the security was quite simple and thereby get yourself a laser weapon. Then you will destroy your opponents, collect information about what is happening here. You will need to pass several dozen locations, join the battle with many opponents and complete a lot of tasks. Let’s hope that the owners of the company will be grateful for the release, but we still need to do this. And now you need to visit our online resource and download the Boiling Steel torrent there.

We can only wish you a good time in the game and a positive outcome. It is time to drop these creepy fanatics and point to the true place. You must be very careful to win this massive rebellion.

Game features

good visualization;
high level of dynamism of battles;
huge arsenal of weapons;
a large number of opponents;
fascinating storyline.

On this page you can download the game Boiling Steel torrent free on PC.



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