Bloom: Memories

System requirements Bloom: Memories

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Pentium or compatible, 2 cores or higher
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 or higher
Disk space: 1500 MB
Sound Card: Any
Gamepad support: Partial



Bloom: Memories

Bloom: Memories is a role-playing adventure set in a handmade fictional world. Design, characters, objects and more were handcrafted by the developers. You will find yourself in a world that has been created for over 7 years. Travel through colorful areas, fight, solve puzzles and find secret locations.

More about the game

In Bloom: Memories, you will travel in the mountains, descend into dungeons, explore the plains, forests and other places on this colorful continent. Enemies you meet during the passage can become friendly towards you. For example, a spider wants to kill you not because it is evil, but because it is hungry. Therefore, before entering the battle, try to feed him so that he is full, and then just walk past him.

Story line

Find cool items and materials that you can use later. Get more than 10 pets that you meet along the way so that you have a big company. But first you need to tame them. Give them what they want and then they will become your companions. Before fighting the bosses, you need to download Bloom: Memories torrent for free. Kill opponents using a wide range of skills from the main character, as well as using a variety of weapons.

Meet various characters in all locations and enter into dialogues with them. Learn from their stories more about the game world, and also listen to their requests. Visit the ruins, as well as castles, chat with dryads and other living creatures.

Game features

– All creatures really feel the world around them!
– Find peaceful options to end the dispute from a variety of hostile situations.
– Lots of world secrets and puzzles.
– Use your cunning to overcome the next obstacle.
– Learn all the abilities of the main character.
– Over 75 models and characters.
– Huge handmade world to explore.

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