System requirements BloodRayne:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: any x86-compatible with 733 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video card: any 100% compatible with DirectX 8.1
Disk Space: 2 GB




For many centuries, vampires live among people, but carefully hide their existence. Nobody has yet managed to survive a meeting with a vampire to tell the real truth about them. But you have the opportunity to learn more about night hunters – you just need to download BloodRayne torrent from our site. This game tells the story of Rhine, the daughter of a vampire and an ordinary woman. From her father, the girl received a constant thirst for blood, as well as strength and dexterity, and from her mother the ability not to be afraid of daylight. Despite the fact that the Rhine grew outcast, she still seeks to protect people and hates a vampire, so she constantly hunts for them and strives to rid the world of them.

More about the game

Events in the game BloodRayne, download via torrent which you can on our portal, unfold during the Second World War. A real vampire falls into the hands of scientists from Anenerbe. After a series of monstrous experiments, they still manage to isolate DNA from his blood and they intend to use the resulting genetic material to create super-soldiers who are unable to feel pain, fear and endowed with tremendous power. This can not only completely reverse the course of the war, but also jeopardize the very existence of mankind. Therefore, Rhine intends to stop this experiment at all costs and prevent scientists from making a terrible mistake.

Game features

If you like third-person action games, then you just need to download BloodRayne with a torrent from our portal and help the Rhine perform a difficult task. At your disposal is a decent arsenal in the form of razor-sharp blades and pistols, as well as incredible strength and dexterity. But your enemies are different from ordinary people – they are only slightly inferior to the Rhine in ability, but outnumber it, and our heroine will act without the support and allies. Your task is to find the secret laboratory of the Nazis and make sure that all samples of the vampire’s DNA are destroyed, so as not to allow the creation of a new army of super-soldiers.

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