Bloodlines of Prima


System requirements Bloodlines of Prima

Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64bit.
Processor: 2 ghz.
RAM: 6 GB of RAM
DirectX: Version 11.
Disk space: 2 GB.


Bloodlines of Prima

Those daredevils who are ready to conquer unknown ancient lands will receive a generous reward if they get to the treasures about which the legends say. But tread carefully. If you die, you will lose everything. The game Bloodlines of Prima is set in a mysterious fantasy universe, where gamers act as explorers who cleanse the world of monsters, as well as search for valuable resources and artifacts.

More about the game

Completing quests and eliminating enemies increases the player’s reputation with the faction to which he belongs. Access to good equipment and useful items depends on it. If the reputation becomes negative, the character becomes an outcast who can be killed by anyone he meets without harming his karma. Exploring the territory outside the cities is very dangerous, and the loss of all equipment after death forces you to proceed with caution and not climb on the rampage. To preserve the accumulated experience and skills, it is necessary to increase the level, which allows you to fix the progress of the character even after his death.

Features of the game

Bloodlines of Prima is a multiplayer action-adventure FPS set in a world full of magic and mysterious powers. You need to find the artifact Prima Materia – the key to creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.
– Mix hundreds of different skills to achieve your goal.
– Collect the essences of defeated enemies to fortify your base, gain access to new buildings and functions, summon bosses or buy powerful equipment for your hero.
– Complete tasks and help the players of your server advance through the story before gamers on other servers do.
– Explore a huge and diverse world full of enemies who can control the elements.
– Create equipment upgrades, use disposable items to increase power and skill level.

The more actively you explore the world, the stronger your whole family becomes, so hurry up to download Bloodlines of Prima via torrent and into battle!

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