Blame Him

System requirements Blame Him

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 (or AMD equivalent)
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 750ti (or AMD equivalent) | DirectX: Version 11
Free hard drive space: 21.9 GB



Blame Him

Here is another game project in the genre of horror with adventure elements called Blame Him, which you can download torrent on the specified Internet portal. All events will take place in a first-person format with small interspersed stealth and puzzles. The authors were two Japanese, and this game instantly became popular. Everything is done according to the genre orientation, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of horror and fear. Moreover, the environment looks quite realistic and creepy. During the game you are waiting for battles, stealth and puzzles.

More about the game

As for the gameplay Blame Him, so it is very interesting here. So, the first and most important element of this game is based on a traditional study of the environment. You will have to explore every corridor, every room and every room of a huge building, look for key objects, then look for places where you can use them, wander among the labyrinths of rooms and bookcases and, in general, wander a lot.

The second important gameplay element is stealth – yes, you will have to do all of the above in stealth mode, because enemies roam the rooms and corridors, and it is advisable not to catch their eye, which is sometimes quite difficult. You will have to hide in cabinets, under tables, behind bookshelves and doors, and do everything possible to avoid being noticed. Well and third, this is a solution to puzzles.

Game features

a real survival game;
the atmosphere of horror and darkness;
various tasks, puzzles of varying difficulty;
you remain on your own, there’s no one to wait for help from.

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