System requirements Blacktail

Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Core i5-3470
15 GB HDD.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Video Memory: 6 GB.
DirectX 11.
Keyboard, mouse


This is a first-person open-world horror game. You can download Blacktail via torrent only on our website.

Game Review

Starring a young 16 year old Baba Yaga, who was kicked out of a medieval Slavic village. Remembering the past, she is preparing to take revenge on everyone who dared to offend her and expel her from the settlement.

Immerse yourself in the legend of Baba Yaga and return to the roots of a classic Slavic tale in BLACKTAIL, a first-person adventure game. This is an explosive mixture of exciting archery and dark storyline. Make your way and become the guardian of the forest or a creepy nightmare.

Key features of the game

Wildlife exploration
Shoot enemies with a bow.
Craft arrows, prepare elixirs, hunt and harvest herbs to survive in the ruthless forest.
Look for hidden treasures and fragments of Slavic tales.
Find out the secret of the past

Follow the mysterious voice that lures Yaga to the dark side and uncover your own past.
Hunt down an elusive spirit and engage in thrilling battles to bring Yage back to his lost memories.
Relive your memories and discover the secret of Yaga’s missing friends.

Immerse yourself in the incredible. Each memory is a colorful 2.5D graphic that tells about Yaga’s soul and her mysterious past in psychedelic tones.

Making your life

Forge alliances and form your own beliefs in side roles. Determine the fate of the country and its people: take revenge and manipulate yourself, or tell the truth and show compassion.

The morale system in BLACKTAIL greatly influences the game. As your story unfolds, your morale and abilities will change.
Collect lost recipes from the ancient book of witches and prepare elixirs in the cauldron to improve your skills and gain great power.

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