System requirements Blackspace

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 +, 8, or 10
Processor: Modern 2.0GHz CPU (or something close to it)
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Grafik: Intel HD 6000 or newer with DX10 capabilities
DirectX: Version 10



Space game Blackspace from PixelFoundry sends gamers on an important task: to get the most valuable resources that are located in the “Black Space” – a special, well-protected area of ​​the Universe. And where do you think she is? Well, of course, in a distant corner. However, getting there is not even half the trouble, it’s only a quarter of the trouble. Another quarter is overcoming many asteroids. And what, you ask, falls on the second half of the trouble? Don’t you guess?

More about the game

Other treasure hunters, of course. Yes, there are many who want to take possession of the most valuable resources, but no one is going to share, so large-scale space battles are inevitable. By the way, these battles will be very spectacular, since the game has excellent graphics. So lovers of graphics can try to download the Blackspace torrent from us and not be afraid that the picture will not be very good.

Features of the game

Space battles are only part of the gameplay. The game combines genres such as shooter, arcade and strategy, so there are other important things to solve. An important role is played by the economic component – you need to carefully think over the action plan and carefully monitor the geological work being carried out. You also need to improve your spacecraft and competently manage its crew. When all that has been said is fulfilled, then we can talk about the readiness to conquer the “Black Space” and defeat rivals!

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