System requirements BlackChain:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Dual core
Grafik: Anything WebGL-compatible
Disk space: 200 MB



It’s time to go on an amazing adventure again and try to use all your capabilities correctly to achieve a good result. To begin with, you just have to download the BlackChain torrent on your PC, and after that absolutely all the delights of your interactive adventure will be fully available for a pleasant pastime. You will take on the role of one of the corporations, which must put a lot of effort and try to achieve a favorable result in terms of taking over the solar system. After all, now power, money and technology determine exactly who can use the resources of space.

More about the game

The main advantage of your adventure will be that you can command a wide variety of troops, from infantry to space cruisers, without any problems. The main thing is to understand what exactly refers to a particular direction of attack. In addition to you, numerous other corporations will fight for space, which will definitely not be inferior to yours in power. Therefore, the battle promises to be fierce, dangerous and simply unpredictable. We are sure that you will like this format of confrontation, especially considering that now the battles will be presented exclusively in real time.


The battle for every piece of space will turn into a full-scale war. And only your instructions will help you avoid problems and achieve a favorable result. You just need to try to use tactical capabilities and calculate their actions in advance. You just have to download BlackChain via torrent for free and you can go on an amazing adventure. We wish you good luck and success.

Features of the game

The ability to control an entire army of units.
Unpredictable battles in space.
A chance to capture a large space territory.
Confrontation with large corporations.
Improvement and creation of new units for the battle.

On this page you can download the game via torrent BlackChain free on a PC.



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