Black Fire

System requirements Black Fire

Windows OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Video card: 1 GB video memory supporting DirectX: 11



Black Fire

Popular in Western Europe, the computer game Black Fire is now increasing its fame in our territories. Multiplayer shooter, in which futurism is present, tells the story of a corporation that creates new viruses. It took them many years, and now the result of work penetrates the brain of any person or animal, and maintains constant control over it. Now the manipulation of people has become real and affordable. But the creators did not take into account one moment. The presence of a side effect turns virus-infected people into killers. To prevent the apocalypse, you need to download Black Fire via a torrent toy, and proceed to fulfill your important and responsible mission.

More about the game

The life of a mercenary has always been full of difficulties and dangers. However, the main character of the game is also not included in the exceptions. In the past, he had to face a lot of problems, which left his gloomy imprint on his current life. He is not familiar with the feeling of fear, he will rush into battle at any moment, and it does not matter who will have to fight and how many there will be. The presence of all positive qualities does not give a full guarantee for the result, but the presence of a team that helps and supports is already more fun and reliable. Each character in the game is allocated a weapon in several forms, a suit for protection. Various locations make the game interesting and dynamic, and the battle with different techniques will be the most exciting experience for you.

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