Black Desert: Explorer Edition

System requirements Black Desert: Explorer Edition

Operating system: Windows 7/8 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5
Hard disk space: 22GB
Examples of video cards: GTX 650 / GTX 550 Ti / Radeon HD 7770 / Radeon HD 6770


Black Desert: Explorer Edition

Role-playing multiplayer game Black Desert will give gamers a hurricane of action in a vast seamless world inhabited by unique characters. In Black Desert: Explorer Edition, an extraordinary adventure awaits you and the opportunity to do business, create various objects, and decorate your home. Combat sieges, using ladders and elephants, require a team effort. The gameplay is accompanied by excellent graphics with stunning landscapes.

More about the game

The class division of the game Black Desert: Explorer Edition implies several possibilities: someone prefers to fight in the center of the battle, the other attacks the enemy from a long distance, the third can stand in a deep defense, distracting the attention of the enemy, and the fourth may like a swift attack. The siege scenes are incredibly impressive with many characters involved. Fights with the enemy make it possible to use combinations of several skills, but it is better to rely on intelligence and cunning, since even an experienced fighter is not forgiven for a single mistake. The safest place in the game is the urban area. Locations are expressed by thickets of coniferous forests, endless deserts, impenetrable swamps, large modern cities. The landscape design is beautiful and full of mystery.


Black Desert: Explorer Edition – an exciting AMMORPG presented by Korean developers will not let you get bored. Events unfold in the Middle Ages and move on to the Renaissance. So a lot of interesting and exciting things await us. In the game we are waiting for a variety, players will have a huge number of very different opportunities, they will be able to think over, decide and choose how and where to act, and all this at a high level and in excellent quality.

Game features

Of course, no such game can do without creating your own character. Black Dessert developers were pleasantly surprised, there was no such choice yet. Starting from eyes, hair color, ending with various tattoos and many other distinctive features. So now you can get rid of the idea that there will be many similar characters in the game, you will never come up with your own unique one and every now and then you will face your twins. Thanks to such a variety, it is almost impossible to meet a character completely identical to yours.

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