System requirements Biped:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: i3 Sandy Bridge Dual Core or better
Video Card: GeForce GTX 660 or better
Disk Space: 8 GB
Optional: Controller recommended


Adventure 3D game immerses you in a very realistic world, which is based on a subtle interaction between 2 people. So, download the Biped torrent for free using our website and play as 2 small robots that start their mission on our planet.

More about the game

This time you don’t have to press any buttons! You can control 2 legs of the robot with joysticks – walk, slide, chop wood, drive machinery, etc. The events of the game Biped unfold in the vastness of our home planet Earth. Well, you’ll have to play for two robots that are set for an important task – you need to find all planetary beacons that were once located at different points of the planet at all costs. It seems to be nothing complicated. There are just a few big buts. The first is robot control – it is based in this game on realistic physics of robot foot control. The second “but” lies in the need for cooperative, coordinated to pass all levels. Generally. it will be interesting, albeit difficult.

Cooperative Opportunity

In addition to the single-player mode, a cooperative is available in the game, which offers full communication and fine coordination of actions for joint passage of difficult obstacles.

Fun environment

Explore the mysterious and beautiful corners of our home planet. Secrets await you in a variety of places: waterfalls, forests, on the slopes of ice cliffs, etc. Your goal is to find the path to the lighthouses, successfully coping with tasks and puzzles.

Dress together

As you progress, you will receive treasures for which you can purchase advanced skins. Dress your robot as your soul desires.

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