Beyond Eyes

System requirements Beyond Eyes:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8
CPU: 1.5 GHz
Video card: 128 MB
Hard disk space: 1 GB


Beyond Eyes

The computer game Beyond Eyes is a walking simulator, and presents a visual novel. The creators worked on it fruitfully, and presented it as colorful and impressive. If we consider its genre affiliation, then attributing to one of the genres will fail. Your character will be a blind girl, and her idea of ​​the world is completely different from how he is seen by other people. The creators of this game product is the Team17 Digital game studio, many players are familiar with the previous work in the form of Worms. Fans of indie games, specific products with a rich gaming atmosphere, will appreciate this game. Beyond Eyes download torrent we offer to everyone, using this page and the services of our site. And then we invite you to get acquainted with the game closer, and present you a brief description.

More about the game

Firstly, it is worth noting the excellent schedule. You have to be in the game world, and control your character, which is a blind girl. Of course, people who have vision problems see the world around them in a completely different way, and they perceive everything they can feel in their own way. This game will allow you to test yourself in a new role. Regarding the graphics, we can say that it is very comfortable, and is presented in soft colors. Basically, the whole space looks whitish, but when your character approaches a certain subject, the whole space will be painted in bright colors.

Given that the girl does not see, she perceives the whole environment through sounds, and the player sees these sounds in colors. The game world in the game is open, but, as a rule, gamers do not go in the direction that is behind the storyline. The detail in the game product is poorly represented. Fans of bright and interesting computer games with a rich atmosphere can download the game Beyond Eyes torrent. You are invited to use the services of our gaming portal to fully experience and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

Next, we discuss the gameplay and plot. Of course, action elements and the like cannot be found in the game. Game mechanics are similar in appearance to the mechanics of the novel, visual, with a huge share of the walking simulator. Driving a blind girl, you will explore various objects, and to find out what you are dealing with, you need to get close to him. And about whether she is in danger, you will learn from the color of these objects. The plot of the game tells the story of a blind girl named Rei, as well as about her beloved animal – a cat named Nani. The animal always accompanied the girl, and they practically did not part. But at that moment when the cat did not come to the heroine, the girl goes to look for her. In order to find out how the search for the cat will end, and what will happen next with the girl, you need to download Beyond Eyes via torrent and go through the game completely. We suggest you not to delay this, and start downloading now.

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