Beyond Blue

System requirements Beyond Blue

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5 3.0 GHz
RAM: 4096 Mb
DirectX® 9.0c compatible audio card
Graphics Accelerator: 2048 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
Free space on HDD: 9.7 Gb



Beyond Blue

A new adventure game project will allow you to go in the near future. However, in the presented game there will not be any kind of apocalypse or rebellion of technology. Here we will focus on the study of the ocean depths. With the help of innovative technologies, people got more opportunities to go to the bottom for study. Therefore, if you like such projects, then we strongly recommend that you visit our game portal and download Beyond Blue torrent there for free.

More about the game

You will get the opportunity to see what is happening on the ocean floor, you will collect samples of flora and small fauna, try not to endanger yourself and draw up maps. The game world here is truly unique and vibrant, the authors painted it in great detail, added a huge number of fish species, among which there will be dangerous species.

Game features

Do not worry, before the beginning of active actions you will receive the necessary information and you will already know what awaits you. So, are you ready to see what is happening at the bottom of the ocean? Then do not waste time and go to our games portal to download Beyond Blue torrent there quickly and completely free. We wish you a great time and successfully complete the game!

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