Between Me and The Night

System requirements Between Me and The Night:

Operating System: Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Processor: 2.0 Ghz
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 640
Hard disk space: 6 GB

Between Me and The Night

You should not think that the story of “Between Me and The Night” is very banal, and is based on the usual opposition of good and evil. At its core is not just a struggle between light forces and dark entities. The day will have to engage in a fierce battle with treacherous twilight. There is more to this confrontation than you can imagine. With the intricacies and features will have to understand in the process of an exciting game, on their own.

More about the game

Day: During daylight hours you will be available to study the rooms of the mansion. We’ll have to work a lot. In addition, confusing puzzles will constantly appear on your way. If the assignment succeeds, you will gain access to the locked rooms. You can improve your own personal skills records, which in turn will be truly irreplaceable with the advent of a mysterious night time.


With the advent of darkness, you can sleep, or discover new abilities in yourself, associated with studying at home. Do not think that sleep will become rest. He can be incredibly dangerous for a brave guy who fell into the kingdom of Morpheus. You will have to fight with internal monsters and overcome the barriers of your own mind. Everyone sees dreams, but some dream of unusual and incomprehensible things. If you do not let the mind rest for a long time, then imagination can throw something even more strange – a sense of outside presence. Who wanders around, what entities are hunting? And only with the first rays of the sun, absolutely all fears should be dispelled. But what to do if this does not happen, and even in the daytime nightmares from night visions do not leave their owner alone. The British developers of the independent Rain Dance studio will answer this question, because it was they who created such an extraordinary adventure. You are interested? Then hurry up to download the Between Me And The Night torrent using the menu of our game portal and discover the secrets of the old house.

Project Features:

The main idea of ​​the project was a comparison of opposites. This was reflected in the cyclical change of time of day. Each of the modes has characteristic features and distinctive characteristics. In the afternoon, the character is an ordinary red-haired guy who seeks to explore the secret rooms of the house, unravels charades and solves complex problems, each time getting closer and closer to the new secrets of his haven. But with the advent of the moon, strange things happen to him. His own consciousness turns him into a real knight and sends him to unknown places, where he is waiting for a battle with himself.

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